How can you utilise Raspberry Pi for your business

For many users, the ubiquitous and powerful Raspberry Pi computer has helped to develop some fantastic personal computers. However, if you are a start-up looking to upgrade your tech on a budget, using Raspberry Pi4 could be just what you are looking for.

using raspberry pi

As an email server

It is relatively simple to set up an email server on a Raspberry Pi 4. All you need is a memory card, a static IP address, access to the Raspberry Pi interface, broadband connection, and a power supply. Using Raspberry Pi for your email server has a few benefits, chief of which is its security functions. All emails will be secured onto your Raspberry Pi only, rendering them inaccessible to any other service or provider.

Running your email server from a Raspberry Pi also allows you total control over your email system. You will have full ownership over your data and enjoy flexibility with your domains and email addresses.

As a VPN

For small businesses concerned about security, building an inexpensive yet secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help. VPNs can stop outside users accessing your data and connect to your office and remote networks.

A Raspberry Pi 4 computer can be used to create your own VPN server. This VPN will be limited in what it can deliver though, but if your start-up needs some quick security on a budget, this could be the way to go. Using Raspberry Pi for a VPN will not be able to change the location of your IP address, but you will still be able to connect external devices to your home network through it.

For more practical advice about building a VPN using Raspberry Pi, check out this handy guide.

As a Wi-Fi router

With the ever-growing needs of flourishing businesses, comes the need for greater access to Wi-Fi and broadband. Building yourself a router using Raspberry Pi is relatively easy. You’ll need all the essential kit such as a keyboard and monitor, internet connection and an SD storage card, as well as a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

Once set up, you are unlikely to enjoy the same coverage as an expensive enterprise-grade router, but for small businesses a Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi router certainly has many benefits over its costly cousin. You can also find out more about building a Raspberry Pi router here.

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